When organizing modern production, we paid special attention to the choice of technology and production systems.

The concept of technological support of WT is based on the application of advanced competencies of the world's largest manufacturers of metalworking equipment. At our enterprise, a systematic approach to the management and automation of all key operations has been created, the equipment used ensures stable maintenance of a unified quality standard, environmental safety and work safety.

WT has a unique ability to form discs of impellers of radial fans up to 4200 mm in diameter, a modern method of rotary extraction, which allows to significantly increase the maximum efficiency of equipment, has the ability to fry the flanges of cylinders to 3600mm, the use of this technology will provide a geometrically accurate, rigid structure with a smaller thickness of material .

The use of modern 4-cylinder bending mechanisms with CNC control makes it possible to manufacture cylinders with a diameter of up to 5500 mm with a maximum thickness of more than 25 mm. All products of cylindrical shape have guaranteed geometric dimensions and highest accuracy. When manufacturing products from stainless steels, we use a separate complex of equipment. Well Technology manufactures tapered, spherical, cylindrical designs with standard accuracy.

Our work on the production of high-tech ventilation equipment is fundamentally based on the use of the most modern welding methods. MIG / MAG / TIG welding processes are ISO 3834-2 and ISO1090-2 certified, and the welding staff is certified and complies with ISO 9606 (EN287). We carry out welding of structural steels, including doped ("COR-TEN") and high-strength ("Naxtra"), and stainless AISI 304-904L. There is a current competence for welding titanium. The enterprise conducts non-destructive testing of welded joints (VT / MT / PT / UT / RT) both by its own certified specialists and by a third-party certified laboratory. When receiving each batch of material, we carry out evaluation tests of weldability of test specimens for torsion and rupture.

The high-quality paint coating referred to the required classification is the guarantor of the durability of the equipment. When implementing the color system, we paid serious attention to the technologies of preparation and application under the current international standards. At the enterprise cameras of preparation and coloring with possible processing of products by dimensions 1266 are established.