About us

We are sensitive to changes in the needs of both the market and the client and, thanks to this we demonstrate excellent skills in developing our own production system, improving and strengthening welding procedures, offering clients proven and complete products.

We appreciate the ability of our team to pursue technical excellence and invest in their own human resources. That is what determines the constant increase in the quality of our company.

It is very important for us to do our work honestly, in good faith, transparently and with respect to the interests of our clients, employees, and our commercial and financial partners. We highly value ethical principles that are shared at all levels of production in order to make each working phase effective with full observance of the rules of social behaviour and safety.

In our company everyone plays a special and central role. The company places human resources at the centre, safeguarding and trying to improve competencies and unlock the potential of each individual employee.

Human capital within the company is one of the main components, which, thanks to energy and motivation, determines the quality and style of work.

Experience and know-how acquired over time are values shared by all employees of the company, as a result of which everyone is able to offer a solution for any particular task.

The technical department consists of a cohesive team of qualified, experienced professionals. One of our key strengths is the flexibility of the technical department, which manages to handle the process from the moment of prototyping to the execution of small or numerous product series, including the resolution of potential difficulties and recommendations for improving and personalizing the order.

Market dynamism requires defining company processes, optimizing them and increasing productivity. With the help of a modern machine park and highly automated internal processes, we pay special attention to projects that are characterized by technical-production individuality.

Our products are the fruit of strict production criteria and serious quality control, and this allows us to meet customer needs from both a structural, and an aesthetic point of view.

The company selects certified suppliers, ISO 9001, control of materials during acceptance, control of sample blanks at various phases of processing - all this allows us to guarantee the customer a product without defects at external, structural and quality levels.

The company is able to manage the manufacture of the product at each stage of production, from the control of raw materials right through to the final phase of production. The ability to process any kind and format of the material with the help of advanced technologies allows our company to carry out a full cycle of product production.

The main principle of work is lean production. The entire production process of the company is subject to strict punctual control and at each of its phases fully, meets strict criteria of quality and safety, standardized by certification.